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17 Times Taylor Hill Killed the Style Game

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She was the youngest angel to climb Victoria's Secret catwalk. Since then it has become a star of social networks, and in the last object of desire of designers like “Karl Lagerfeld” and “Miuccia Prada”. We introduce you to the millennial model par excellence: Taylor Hill.
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Hill, born in Illinois in 1996, first paraded for Victoria's Secret in the year 2014, when she was only 19, although she did not become a full member of the winged squadron until 2015. Although by then walked through several fashion weeks, it was his newly acquired wings that opened the big door to the industry and began to enter the radar of the big firms.

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Just watch this image to know that Taylor is super fit. Turned arms and legs, glutes 10 and a flat abdomen make up perhaps the triad of longings of any woman. She has them and it is clear that genetics has been tremendously generous. Precisely for this reason, tight-fitting tank tops are an equation that comes in handy.

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Under a perfect backdrop, Taylor Hill knows how powerful it is to play with lights and shadows, veiled suggestion and explicit suggestion.

Investing in a leather jacket is a sure guarantee, and Taylor Hill's is in three syllables and eight letters perfect. Oversized, quality and with that stop of 'Rebel Without a Cause' that fits with any style. Previously, with a tomboy aesthetic. Now, combined with a super sexy LBD who calls out 'here I am, look at me'.

There are days when your look emboldens your mood and that sends small vibes to your mind. Vibes whose purpose is to pace your steps and give them strength with a song that resonates in your head at an excessively high volume.

Can you belong to the paradise of Victoria's Secret and at the same time be 'Versace girl' and emeritus member of the 'Balmain Army? Yes, you can! Taylor is the living proof.

Accessing Victoria's Secret means accessing with a VIP pass to the depths of fashion. In 2015 she got her wings and started flying in business, which translates into a huge amount of offers and multimillion contracts.

I wish all her looks were like this one, a moment more memorable than adding to the list of 'Models off Duty'. No trace of the cocktail suits or hyper-sensual dress that looks to get around all your commitments.

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On this occasion, the formula is so simple that even ironic: the dynamic duo of fashion (black & white) for a tomboy result.

Accustomed to attend all kinds of events and presentations, she chooses always the neatness of a mono-color look. Its maximum simplicity is squared with a touch of intellect that varies as the situation requires. In this case, in its most working girl version.

Beyond a portentous physical that radiates an innocent, almost naive sensuality, her style has become the object of desire. All great supermodels have their worthy successor and Taylor seems to inherit Miranda Kerr's aesthetic care.

Taylor Hill has become an indispensable model of the international fashion circuit. There are many designers who can have their measurements more perfect: Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Privé, Alexander Wang ... and the listing could continue to infinity.

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Hats are known to elevate any look to complement and the cowboy hat is a classic adaptable example to the urban style. If we look as good as Taylor Hill, we will not hesitate to take it.

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Ready to adopt glam rock style in your look like Taylor Hill?

Usually, does not use much makeup. Taylor recommends using BB cream or moisturizing bases, the highlighter.

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Basic is the surname of Taylor. The leather skirt with the over the knee made the choice cooler. In the combo cropped jeans it is impossible to miss.

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She also loves to mix pieces of tailoring, leaves the look much more elegant but does not escape the cleanest style of the angel.

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And for colder days, lots of parkas and oversized trench coat! I love the way she plays with layers.

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