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She was the youngest angel to climb Victoria's Secret catwalk. Since then it has become a star of social networks, and in the last object of desire of designers like “Karl Lagerfeld” and “Miuccia Prada”. We introduce you to the millennial model par excellence: Taylor Hill.
Photo Credit: IMG

Hill, born in Illinois in 1996, first paraded for Victoria's Secret in the year 2014, when she was only 19, although she did not become a full member of the winged squadron until 2015. Although by then walked through several fashion weeks, it was his newly acquired wings that opened the big door to the industry and began to enter the radar of the big firms.

Photo Credit: GQ

Just watch this image to know that Taylor is super fit. Turned arms and legs, glutes 10 and a flat abdomen make up perhaps the triad of longings of any woman. She has them and it is clear that genetics has been tremendously generous. Precisely for this reason, tight-fitting tank tops are an equation that comes in handy.

Photo Credit: 1.Picture
Under a perfect backdrop, Taylor Hill knows how powerful it is to play with lights and shadows, veiled suggestion and explicit suggestion.

Investing in a leather jacket is a sure guarantee, and Taylor Hill's is in three syllables and eight letters perfect. Oversized, quality and with that stop of 'Rebel Without a Cause' that fits with any style. Previously, with a tomboy aesthetic. Now, combined with a super sexy LBD who calls out 'here I am, look at me'.

There are days when your look emboldens your mood and that sends small vibes to your mind. Vibes whose purpose is to pace your steps and give them strength with a song that resonates in your head at an excessively high volume.

Can you belong to the paradise of Victoria's Secret and at the same time be 'Versace girl' and emeritus member of the 'Balmain Army? Yes, you can! Taylor is the living proof.

Accessing Victoria's Secret means accessing with a VIP pass to the depths of fashion. In 2015 she got her wings and started flying in business, which translates into a huge amount of offers and multimillion contracts.

I wish all her looks were like this one, a moment more memorable than adding to the list of 'Models off Duty'. No trace of the cocktail suits or hyper-sensual dress that looks to get around all your commitments.

Photo Credit:
On this occasion, the formula is so simple that even ironic: the dynamic duo of fashion (black & white) for a tomboy result.

Accustomed to attend all kinds of events and presentations, she chooses always the neatness of a mono-color look. Its maximum simplicity is squared with a touch of intellect that varies as the situation requires. In this case, in its most working girl version.

Beyond a portentous physical that radiates an innocent, almost naive sensuality, her style has become the object of desire. All great supermodels have their worthy successor and Taylor seems to inherit Miranda Kerr's aesthetic care.

Taylor Hill has become an indispensable model of the international fashion circuit. There are many designers who can have their measurements more perfect: Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani PrivΓ©, Alexander Wang ... and the listing could continue to infinity.

Photo Credit: CDN

Hats are known to elevate any look to complement and the cowboy hat is a classic adaptable example to the urban style. If we look as good as Taylor Hill, we will not hesitate to take it.

Photo Credit: GQ

Ready to adopt glam rock style in your look like Taylor Hill?

Usually, does not use much makeup. Taylor recommends using BB cream or moisturizing bases, the highlighter.

Photo Credit: Streelherstyle

Basic is the surname of Taylor. The leather skirt with the over the knee made the choice cooler. In the combo cropped jeans it is impossible to miss.

Photo Credit: Streelherstyle

She also loves to mix pieces of tailoring, leaves the look much more elegant but does not escape the cleanest style of the angel.

Photo Credit:

And for colder days, lots of parkas and oversized trench coat! I love the way she plays with layers.

1. Attract users with Infographics

People love the infographics! They are able to summarize data and present it in an attractive and didactic way, all at once. So I advise you to include this kind of graphic products in your blog posts. They will help you give your audience added value.

Now, it is only fair to ask yourself: how do I make an infographic? Fortunately, today it is not necessary to be a designer to compose this kind of graphics. Thanks to online tools like “Canva”, you can create them very easily. And besides, they look great!

2. Keep your content always fresh

An excellent strategy to get the most out of your content is to keep them updated. For this I recommend, first of all, to review your articles in search of those who have received more acceptance from the audience. Once you have found them, you should apply the necessary updates (for example, add data that has appeared after its publication). Once your most successful posts are ready, you can proceed to re-post them on your social networks.

3. Make the most of your blog!

As you know, in terms of Social Media Marketing "content is king". In fact, it is he who enables you to give users an added value. Now, I recommend that you keep in mind that your blog posts may have different formats, in other words ... be creative!

Thus, according to your needs, you can write short articles, photo posts, longer texts, microblogging and more. In all cases, it is important that your content is optimized to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, from which a large part of the audience of Social Networks comes. You can check if they are fit for it with the help of Windows Resizer, a Chrome extension that lets you know how your content is viewed through different resolutions.

4. Use the social buttons

To encourage the dissemination of your content, it is important that you give users a way to share your posts in your accounts and with your friends. To do this, they use social buttons, which allow people to publish their posts on their Social Networks with the press of a button. If your blog is hosted on WordPress servers, you can add them with AddToAny, a plug-in specially developed for that site.
5. Organize competitions and promotions

Organizing promotions and contests on Facebook is a great way to honor your fans and entertain them at the same time. For this, you can resort to the most important events of the year, such as Christmas or Mother's Day. Being present on special occasions will help you look more human before your audience and will encourage people to associate your brand with happy moments.

The winter season arrived with a variety of styles, textures, and colors. These are some recommendations to get you in trend when the first cold weather arrives.

(image credit:
1. Colors of Autumn

Considering the trends and new collections presented on runways, these will be the colors of your own winter style: blue, in its more relaxed version; autumn colors like green or mustard will not be missing; Neutral tones such as gray or brown; the rose, the red and the purple will also come very forcefully.

2. Velvet

The velvet is par excellence the fabric that is used for the cold, thanks to its texture. The velvet will be the star fabric of the season. Dare to try something new, you can wear a velvet jacket that protects you from the cold day by day. In addition to the classic red velvet and garnet, we will see in other more daring tones, such as yellow or pink.

3. Cushioning (especially in jackets or vests)

Have a good padded jacket at home that will protect you from low temperatures in northern hemisphere.

4. Pronounced Necklines

If you go out at night we suggest wearing a blouse or dress with a pronounced neckline, preferably in a "V" shape. Yes, despite the cold, this type of neckline, ideal for girls with little chest, will continue to fashion. Do not forget to put on a thick jacket that will shelter you!

5. Strident Sequins

That's right the fashion of the 80 is back with the sequins. You can wear them in short jackets with shoulder pads or mini dresses. You will find them in shining and bright colors so that this autumn never ceases to shine.

6. Choker, the best accessory

One of the trends that come with more force this fall is the chokers. To the mere nonveteran style, the rigid necklaces return to fashion to put the youthful touch to any look. Do not think about it and be part of the fever for the choker!

7. Ties to the neck

You will see them a lot in blouses and dresses with bows around the neck. According to the collections presented on catwalks, the larger the ties, the more extravagant and sensual will be seen. You can accompany them with transparencies and tissues with falls.

8. Hand wraps or folds

They will be ultra-trend during the fall-winter season. The flounces or folds in dresses or skirts - whether short or long come with great force this season. If you like to watch yourself extravagant, this is the best option for you. Do not hesitate to wear them just below: also wear ruffles at the neckline!

9. Flower Patterns

We know it was a star trend in spring and summer; However, do not keep your flowery garments, they will still be present in the new season. The floral print will be an outstanding print of the fall collections, both in dresses and in blouses.

10. Irregular Falls

Look for skirts and dresses with irregular falls and folds of different shapes, sizes and layers. These types of falls give the feeling of volume, you can find garments that are shortened in front to let your legs glimpse. This style will come with a lot of strength: Do not miss out on having this look in your closet!

11. Oversized Sleeves

The sleeves of the designers' proposals will not go unnoticed this fall. You can wear a blouse or a dress with this type of sleeves, which are certainly inspired by the forties. Remember that the sleeves are carried with enough volume and you will surely find them in all stores.

12. Sensual Transparencies

Transparency has always been synonymous with sensuality. You can wear them in delicate dresses that allow you to see parts of your body slightly. You can combine the flyers with the transparencies and a velvet jacket over it. With this you will be at the forefront!

13. The Bomber

It is a jacket that was very present last spring, in this new season is taken up as an essential garment. You will see it in different collections with metallic fabrics, adorned with sequins, patches or bright. Also, go with the prints and embroidery of animals.

14. Striped Pattern

It will be one of the essential prints. Of masculine inspiration, you can find it in blouses, suits, and jackets. It will be one of the key trends of the autumn with the influence of the 90's.

15. Lace

They never go out of style. Like the ruffles, you'll see lace fabrics of romantic inspiration in this fall's collections.

16. Slingshot Jackets

Like last fall, jack-o-lantern-style jackets come with a lot of force. It's a classic that will never go out of style in your closet.

17. Bright and Metallic Fabrics

You'll see it in clothes like waterproof but also in more sophisticated pieces. Brilliant fabrics, such as patent leather and metallized, return strongly this season. The colors golden and silver will be protagonists in night looks.
Not having time to go to the gym is no longer an excuse. Now, without leaving home you can get that flat abdomen, perfect glutes and a beautiful body in just 30 days. If you want to know how do not miss it!

(image credit:

We teach you three challenges that you will have to meet each day for only one month. Each day you have to overcome your weaknesses and the results are remarkable, not only physically, but you will feel full of energy.

Abdominal Challenge

Let's go for that flat belly. The iron is an effective isometric exercise to strengthen the abdomen and is very practiced in yoga. It is not complicated and you will see that the technique is simple the important thing is to keep the position firm!

You have to lie on your stomach and lean on your forearms. The legs should be straight and slightly apart. The body must form a straight line. It is important to maintain a correct posture to avoid possible injuries. The challenge is to hold in this position for 5 minutes without supporting the knees. Calm down, we'll start little by little. The first day with 20 seconds is enough. We increase the duration progressively as we can see in the following table.

Squat Challenge

Belly is important, but the glutes are no less. With these squats you will increase the volume of the back, give it a rounded shape and harden it. In addition, you will also be strengthening your legs. It is an exercise available to anyone, as it does not need more than your own body weight. To do the squats properly, open your legs to the width of the shoulders, the feet look forward and the back always stretched. When you flex your legs, you have to tend to pull your ass out.

Well, when you're ready to make them perfect, let's get started! To achieve those perfect glutes you will have to be able to get 250 repetitions. It is not difficult if you start little by little as indicated in the picture. You can make small breaks between them. The important thing is not to skip one.

Burpees Challenge

The Burpees are one of the most complete exercises that exist with which you test your whole body. It is one of the basic movements of the popular crossfit. They lose weight quickly and increase the resistance considerably.

You can learn to do them in five steps:
·         Start standing, flexing our legs and touching the ground with the palms of our hands
·         Spread our legs without raising our hands
·         Perform a flexion, that is, we flex the arms until the chest touches the floor and we extend them
·         Collect the legs of a jump returning to the initial position
·         Jump up to get to our feet

A constant 30-day training program can produce awesome changes in your body. In this way you can include a new healthy habit, lower some weight, increase your strength and begin to improve your health. All 30-day training programs should address cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and flexibility training. During this period of time you may not reach all your goals, but you will get into the race.

Panting and Blowing:

Cardiovascular exercise should be an important component of a 30-day training program. At a minimum you should do cardio three to five times a week to improve health, improve exercise and lose weight moderately. You can do cardio five to seven days a week if you have a significant weight to lose, and you are on the quest to increase fitness and health improvements. 

Target 30 to 60 minutes per session, and maintain intensity from moderate to intense, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Try walking, jogging, biking, swimming, a gym class or try the cardio machine at the gym.

Flex Your Body

You do not need to train like a bodybuilder to see improvements in your strength and muscle tone, according to the American Council on Exercise. Perform a full-body resistance training workout two or three times a week on non-consecutive days. It starts with a series of 8 to 12 repetitions per exercise. You can make up to three sets as you grow stronger. As soon as you can do 12 reps, increase the weight by 5 to 10 percent.

Flexibility is the ability to move a joint in your full range of motion, and this component is often left out in training programs. If you do not stretch, this can lead to a decrease in range of motion, pain and even get to have injuries. Stretch at least two or three times a week, or after each workout to see improvements. Hold each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds to the point where you feel tightness. If you feel pain, or the muscle is shaking, you are stretching too much. Perform a stretch for each muscle group, as well as resistance training.

Have a Plan

In thirty days you can make changes, but you must be realistic. You can only lose between four and eight pounds of actual body fat, assuming you also reduce your calorie intake, so if you have a significant amount of weight to lose you will need to continue training. Your strength will improve, but you may not see a fully toned body. Any 30-day training program is just a starting point. Do you want to continue these healthy habits for life? Set goals for 30 more days and support motivation. Every 30 days, change your workouts so you do not get bored and your body continues to progress.

Is it necessary to leave your current job to start your own business? Or can you combine a full-time job with the start of a venture? The other day I heard terrible advice. The recommendation came from a podcast of a successful entrepreneur who had built a trillion dollar business. He told listeners that if you want to succeed as a businessman, you must start by leaving your current job regardless of whether you feel comfortable in it or not.

(image credit:
What a horrible advice!

Perhaps the goal of that post was to scare those who are not ready to start a company, but the recommendation was certainly painful. Very few companies today enjoy great success were founded by people who had no other commitment. In fact, many of them were raised in garages, basements, and rooms of a house while the founder worked for another company.

Yes it is true that once your business begins to have more and more customers, and you generate enough income, you can leave your job to dedicate yourself fully to your venture. But before starting your own business, while you plan and organize everything, and at the beginning of your business, you can perfectly combine a full-time job with your venture if you follow these helpful tips.

1. Evaluate and take note of everything that is happening:

When you are starting your business while you work, this is the key moment in which you have to document everything, record everything so you can improve quickly and grow. Every criticism you make every comment, every suggestion, write them down and define a time when you will sit and review those notes and do something about it.

2. Work on how you will convey what you do:

Take time to think, from the experience you acquired working with different people, your first clients, how you will communicate to the universe of potential clients what you do, what is the benefit of working with you, etc.

3. Think of your work as a blessing

Your job is not a dead weight that paralyzes you to do other things. Your job is gasoline that will keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive while building the project that you crave to have a better economy.

Without your salary, you would be out there all day, wasting your time trying to earn money to keep you and yours, instead of spending those hours perfecting your business. So stop thinking that your work is killing you, and realize that it is really like a partner who is helping you to keep you until it is the ideal time to get up and leave.

4. Maximize your time

Yes, the biggest disadvantage of a job is the 40 hours of time you need to spend working on something other than your number one priority. But do some calculations and look carefully at these numbers:

There are 168 hours in a week. Your work takes about 40 hours of your time, and in sleep you will spend about 56 hours (sleeping every day 8 hours). Thus, in one week you have 72 hours (3 days) to build your business.

However, you do not need to watch three hours of television every day. You do not need the two hours and 57 minutes you spend every day watching your cell phone. Find ways to maximize your time. Maybe this means waking up earlier. Maybe you should make more meals in your house instead of in a restaurant. Or you may have to get rid of your cell phone for a while (wow!).

5. Focus on the imperative actions of everyday life

Too much attention is paid to those people who build new businesses by locking themselves in a room for a whole month and then emerging with the next Facebook or invention of the century. This is not how most businesses are built. Successful businesses are built with constant and imperative actions that are taken every day. It is not enough just to work hard. It is not enough just to work hard every day.

It requires that it be an imperative work and that it be done daily. You only have a few hours to work at the beginning of your business outside of your working hours, so you better take advantage of them and be productive.

6. Outsource everything you can

Think about this: what can you do in your business that no one else can do? Do that. And everything else, externalize it. Maybe this part depends a little on your budget, but hiring someone to do tasks of your enterprise that anyone can do, will give a big boost to the beginning of your business.

Let's say you want to start an online business, and you need to create and configure your web page. Why not hire a web designer for hours to install your template and set the page a little? That's something you can do, but another person can do it for just over $50 and save you hours of work (you can invest in other aspects of your business) and headaches if you do not have a lot of computer skills.

7. Use your work as fuel

If you want to achieve your maximum productivity to start your business as soon as possible, find a compelling reason to do so. You may hate your work with all your soul. Use that fuel to motivate yourself and reach the top of your productivity in your new venture.

When you feel that you hate being in your work, make it a motivation to work harder in your business, start it as soon as possible, and leave as soon as possible of that company. When you think that you do not earn enough in your job, motivate yourself to start your business and give it the economic freedom you need.

If fear paralyzes you to continue with your business project, use your work as a fuel to overcome it and move on. For everything you need to complete your business through the different steps, you must take, use your current job as the motivation to move forward.