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Successful brands are based on authenticity, drawn from real achievements, real strengths, and real emotions that are alive and well at all levels in the organization. There are certain steps for effective branding ethnicity.

1. Create Well-Defined Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines are basically the constitution for your brand. A single document that can be provided to employees and partners alike, well-defined guidelines prescribe with precision how your brand should be represented in every possible medium.
Logos, colors, typefaces, spatial proportions, voice, and more are meticulously described to ensure consistency whenever and wherever your brand is expressed. And
Brand guidelines are your manual for consistency. They allow you to solidify brand differentiation, brand personality, and visual identity, giving your customers a uniform entity with which to identify. Clearly articulated and universally agreed upon, brand guidelines are your roadmap to alignment.
Rules of effective branding authenticity

2. Align Internally

Internal alignment is all about ensuring that everyone on the provider side of the brand/customer relationship is intimately familiar with your purpose, promise, and guidelines. That means executives, partners, and, most importantly, employees.
Your employees are the most important ambassadors of your brand. They’re the frontline in your ongoing exchange with customers. Because of this, it’s essential to go the extra mile to ensure your employees understand your brand’s core values. This begins with effective leadership but is most clearly articulated through brand training.
Employees need a straightforward explanation of your mission, vision, values, and purpose. But more than that, they need to understand the indispensable role they play in the manifestation of these principles and why that role matters. Beyond training, it’s just as important to establish an organizational culture that is itself aligned with the core tenets of your brand.

3. Align Externally

External brand alignment boils down to you making absolutely certain your customers know what your brand is about. Your brand strategy will consist of countless touch points. It’s your job to ensure that the message delivered at each of those touch points is consistent and compelling.
The design level is where your brand guidelines will be most useful. Projecting a uniform brand experience when it comes to elements such as logo usage, brand architecture, layout, and photography plants the seed of recognition in those you serve.

Customers are more likely to act when they feel connected to a brand, so it’s imperative you take advantage of every opportunity to foster that connection. Telling a story that not only resonates with your audience but includes them as an integral part of the narrative is how that connection is made. Your audience is aligned when it identifies with your purpose. And to identify with your purpose, they must feel invested in your story.

4. Maintain Your Alignment!

Perhaps the most important element to brand alignment is maintained. Brand alignment is not a one-off event. You can’t hope to position your brand, roll it out, and expect it to remain strong of its own volition. Alignment is an ongoing effort. It’s something you have to remain vigilant about, lest your initial efforts go to waste. Maintenance is the key, and maintenance begins with brand metrics.
Brand alignment is no accident. It’s the direct result of a well-planned and even better-executed strategy. By establishing clearly articulated brand guidelines, accounting for both internal and external brand alignment, and taking the time to maintain the initiatives you put in place, you can be certain that your brand’s purpose and promise are fully realized by employees and customers alike. And that’s the mark of true brand authenticity.
A person or company can have a great website or blog but if nobody finds it they will not get anything. That is why it is imperative that small businesses start using social media marketing to reduce their dependence on search engines and to gain new sources of traffic to their websites or blogs.

Image Credit: ExpertBeacon 

There are many sites dedicated to social media, but with different approaches: YouTube, Mister Wong, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, Meneame, Fresqui, Bitácoras, Google bookmarks, Linkedin, Yahoo Anwers. Then, it is necessary to test the ones that seem most suitable to your target audience. And very often the best option results from a combination of several of these sites.
Here we present 6 ways in which entrepreneurs can take advantage of the benefits of marketing through social networks or interaction 2.0.

Have your own blog or website

This seems to be very obvious but most small businesses or independent professionals do not have it or do not know how to use it to boost their ventures. A blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with your current and potential clients. A platform like WordPress.org is widely disseminated and is free. There are lots of templates ready to use, so the investment in money can be lower: a domain, a hosting and ready.

You can even use wordpress.com that provides you with free hosting, although with some restrictions; but it is an excellent way to start, put in the weather and then if you see that the medium is you can go to your own domain and hire a designer to make you an exclusive design for your company. All the content you have on one platform can be passed without problems to the other.

Comment on other blogs of the same or complementary theme

Blogging involves creating relationships with other members of the blogosphere, participating in conversations. For that it is necessary to investigate a little and see other blogs related to your topic to be able to participate by giving your opinions. Of course, that participation demands an investment of time but keep in mind that leaving useful and intelligent comments in other blogs, increases your authority in the matter and attracts traffic to your blog. Always think before pressing the "send" button if what you are thinking is of interest to someone or is just self-propaganda and comments without utility.

Participate in Yahoo Answers in Your Language

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your specialty, share your experience answering some questions in Yahoo Answers and you can establish a direct connection with a potential client.
But keep in mind that if you do not have a blog or website you will not have where to attract those prospects, so the first point is essential.

Use the video as a marketing tool

YouTube is the second search engine currently. Video cameras are increasingly cheaper, you do not need to be a movie star to make a small video demonstrating your knowledge, even a very short video can be very effective from the point of view of marketing. And you should know that YouTube is the biggest site to share videos, but it's not the only one, there are many other places where you can upload your videos and increase the points of contact.

Take photos of your products and share them on Flickr

The Flickr site can also be a digital marketing tool. There are many active armed groups on Flickr around brands or themes. Do some research and join to share photos of your business.

Subscribe to groups or mailing lists

This social marketing involves finding potential customers in the places they frequent. It's like in traditional marketing. If you are an architect working in countries or private neighborhoods, then you will want to appear and show photos of your work in specialized decoration magazines and not in sports magazines. And where do you find those groups? A little spin on Yahoo Groups or Google Groups could put you on the road.
A picture is worth more than a thousand words, says a saying. This is demonstrated with Instagram, which has been the fastest growing social network in the last two years. Even its use has doubled around the world. Therefore, it must be clear the great scope of this tool. It is very important to know how to take advantage of this tool with which you can also increase sales at any stage of the year. This is because more than a third of Instagram users use their mobile phones to purchase a product.

(Image Credit: LESYALIU.COM)

 Avoid failing in these aspects:
1. Not having a defined strategy

It is essential to know what you want to achieve in this social network, before starting to publish. All posts depend on the goal to be achieved. So it is a mistake to publish blindly, without being clear about the message.

2. Not publishing frequently

Finding the perfect balance between having a regular presence and publishing too much is difficult. Your goal on Instagram should be to engage customers and enter their minds without giving the impression that you are spamming. Avoid posting the same boring image every day, focus on making attractive content.

3. No link to your page

One of the mistakes you may be making on Instagram is not to place a link to your page in the biography. In case of not including the link or the call to action, the opportunity to generate traffic is lost. This is because 70% of Instagram users have searched for a brand and 62% follow it because they like it. But this audience can be tapped with a link.

4. Not publishing enough

To connect with the target audience it is necessary to stay active in the social network. An error in Instagram marketing is not publishing enough.

5. Duplicate photos

Among the aspects that should not be done in online marketing on Instagram. The content must be unique so that an engagement can be generated. There are many ways to promote the same product, so you should not abuse the same image.

6. Ignoring photos posted by restaurant customers

A social network is nourished by interaction. That is why it is very important to take into account the publications made by the customers of your restaurant and that hang on their Instagram accounts. The mistake made by many marketers is to ignore them and focus only on their content, missing the great opportunity to have an impact on their followers.

7. Don’t ignore user comments

Another way to interact on Instagram is through the comments and messages that users can leave in the publications. The truth is that many times they are ignored and not answered, so the valuable opportunity to generate empathy with the client-follower is lost. We must always put ourselves in their place and understand what kind of response we can give to these messages to continue the chain.

8. Too much hashtags

While it is true, Instagram lets you publish up to 30 hashtags and even more than 30 with tricks. However, it is not necessary to use all of them if you wish, because the more we put, the objective could be dispersed, and as a result, less engagement.

9. Quantity and quality

Many times these two get married and swear eternal love. But sometimes they also repel, that is, quality must matter more than quantity. It seems obvious, but we always fall into this error.

10. Too much focus on promoting products

Many companies have the habit of uploading too many photos of their products and give the impression that they are not presenting an interactive brand. They fall into the error of putting many call to actions or making incorrect use of hashtags.

11. Not using paid advertising

If you do not use paid ads, you are letting go a great opportunity. With it you can choose your target and only see the people who might consider it relevant. So if you're going to do a garage sale for example, you can target an audience that is in your city.

12. Do not compromise with the audience

Another common mistake made by brands is to adopt the attitude of "bombing and fleeing". Do not think of your Instagram audience as passive customers, think of them as active participants who need to commit.

It can’t be denied that the black leather jacket is one of the most versatile and evergreen fashion pieces to ever exist. This item is a must have for every fashionable woman’s wardrobe and if you are looking for one special item to add that racy edge to your wardrobe, then you should get yourself a black leather jacket immediately. If you already own one, you should know that you have a gem in your possession, because the black leather jacket can be worn to create a variety of looks.

Looking for outfit ideas that will help you look awesome in your black leather jacket? Keep reading for amazing styling ideas.

Black leather jacket plus ripped jeans: If you want to create a completely edgy and daring look, it’s as easy as taking your black leather jacket and pairing with a free top and a pair of ripped jeans. You’re free to go as wild as you want with the rips on your jeans. Finish off the look with a black leather pants and nude heels. You can also play with patterns by heading out with a patterned bag or purse.

All black is alright: Are you in the mood to be dark and mysterious? Your outfit can totally create that effect thank s to the black leather jacket. Pair it with a pair of black jeans, a black tank top, and blank ankle or knee-high boots. Accessorize with a black bag and black sunglasses.

Create a classy look with your black leather jacket: Who says the black leather jacket can only create daring looks? It can totally be incorporate into your work or cocktail outfit. Pair your turtle neck with a pair of high-waisted palazzo plants, and finish off the look with a black leather jacket, a purse, and a nice pair of heels. This outfit will look amazing at work or at a semi-formal mixer.

Pair your black leather jacket with a patterned skirt: If you want to create a great look for work using your black leather jacket, you definitely can. By pairing your jacket with a plain white top and a patterned shirt, you can create a look that’s totally appropriate for work. Wearing a white top will place all the attention on the skirt. The look will look more tailored if it’s a pencil skirt, and a form-fitting top.

Black leather jacket plus a cute white gown: This combination will create a totally adorable dressy look. Finish off the look with a pair of stilettos, and you’re good to go. This look is perfect for work, or for brunch.


Don’t forget that with a black leather jacket, you’re free to accessorize as much as you want to. You can go all out with the statement necklaces, fashion rings, and interesting earrings. It’s up to you, but with these outfit ideas, you get to look your very best every day.
She was the youngest angel to climb Victoria's Secret catwalk. Since then it has become a star of social networks, and in the last object of desire of designers like “Karl Lagerfeld” and “Miuccia Prada”. We introduce you to the millennial model par excellence: Taylor Hill.
Photo Credit: IMG

Hill, born in Illinois in 1996, first paraded for Victoria's Secret in the year 2014, when she was only 19, although she did not become a full member of the winged squadron until 2015. Although by then walked through several fashion weeks, it was his newly acquired wings that opened the big door to the industry and began to enter the radar of the big firms.

Photo Credit: GQ

Just watch this image to know that Taylor is super fit. Turned arms and legs, glutes 10 and a flat abdomen make up perhaps the triad of longings of any woman. She has them and it is clear that genetics has been tremendously generous. Precisely for this reason, tight-fitting tank tops are an equation that comes in handy.

Photo Credit: 1.Picture
Under a perfect backdrop, Taylor Hill knows how powerful it is to play with lights and shadows, veiled suggestion and explicit suggestion.

Investing in a leather jacket is a sure guarantee, and Taylor Hill's is in three syllables and eight letters perfect. Oversized, quality and with that stop of 'Rebel Without a Cause' that fits with any style. Previously, with a tomboy aesthetic. Now, combined with a super sexy LBD who calls out 'here I am, look at me'.

There are days when your look emboldens your mood and that sends small vibes to your mind. Vibes whose purpose is to pace your steps and give them strength with a song that resonates in your head at an excessively high volume.

Can you belong to the paradise of Victoria's Secret and at the same time be 'Versace girl' and emeritus member of the 'Balmain Army? Yes, you can! Taylor is the living proof.

Accessing Victoria's Secret means accessing with a VIP pass to the depths of fashion. In 2015 she got her wings and started flying in business, which translates into a huge amount of offers and multimillion contracts.

I wish all her looks were like this one, a moment more memorable than adding to the list of 'Models off Duty'. No trace of the cocktail suits or hyper-sensual dress that looks to get around all your commitments.

Photo Credit: 68.media
On this occasion, the formula is so simple that even ironic: the dynamic duo of fashion (black & white) for a tomboy result.

Accustomed to attend all kinds of events and presentations, she chooses always the neatness of a mono-color look. Its maximum simplicity is squared with a touch of intellect that varies as the situation requires. In this case, in its most working girl version.

Beyond a portentous physical that radiates an innocent, almost naive sensuality, her style has become the object of desire. All great supermodels have their worthy successor and Taylor seems to inherit Miranda Kerr's aesthetic care.

Taylor Hill has become an indispensable model of the international fashion circuit. There are many designers who can have their measurements more perfect: Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Privé, Alexander Wang ... and the listing could continue to infinity.

Photo Credit: CDN

Hats are known to elevate any look to complement and the cowboy hat is a classic adaptable example to the urban style. If we look as good as Taylor Hill, we will not hesitate to take it.

Photo Credit: GQ

Ready to adopt glam rock style in your look like Taylor Hill?

Usually, does not use much makeup. Taylor recommends using BB cream or moisturizing bases, the highlighter.

Photo Credit: Streelherstyle

Basic is the surname of Taylor. The leather skirt with the over the knee made the choice cooler. In the combo cropped jeans it is impossible to miss.

Photo Credit: Streelherstyle

She also loves to mix pieces of tailoring, leaves the look much more elegant but does not escape the cleanest style of the angel.

Photo Credit: Streetstyle.com

And for colder days, lots of parkas and oversized trench coat! I love the way she plays with layers.

1. Attract users with Infographics

People love the infographics! They are able to summarize data and present it in an attractive and didactic way, all at once. So I advise you to include this kind of graphic products in your blog posts. They will help you give your audience added value.

Now, it is only fair to ask yourself: how do I make an infographic? Fortunately, today it is not necessary to be a designer to compose this kind of graphics. Thanks to online tools like “Canva”, you can create them very easily. And besides, they look great!

2. Keep your content always fresh

An excellent strategy to get the most out of your content is to keep them updated. For this I recommend, first of all, to review your articles in search of those who have received more acceptance from the audience. Once you have found them, you should apply the necessary updates (for example, add data that has appeared after its publication). Once your most successful posts are ready, you can proceed to re-post them on your social networks.

3. Make the most of your blog!

As you know, in terms of Social Media Marketing "content is king". In fact, it is he who enables you to give users an added value. Now, I recommend that you keep in mind that your blog posts may have different formats, in other words ... be creative!

Thus, according to your needs, you can write short articles, photo posts, longer texts, microblogging and more. In all cases, it is important that your content is optimized to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, from which a large part of the audience of Social Networks comes. You can check if they are fit for it with the help of Windows Resizer, a Chrome extension that lets you know how your content is viewed through different resolutions.

4. Use the social buttons

To encourage the dissemination of your content, it is important that you give users a way to share your posts in your accounts and with your friends. To do this, they use social buttons, which allow people to publish their posts on their Social Networks with the press of a button. If your blog is hosted on WordPress servers, you can add them with AddToAny, a plug-in specially developed for that site.
5. Organize competitions and promotions

Organizing promotions and contests on Facebook is a great way to honor your fans and entertain them at the same time. For this, you can resort to the most important events of the year, such as Christmas or Mother's Day. Being present on special occasions will help you look more human before your audience and will encourage people to associate your brand with happy moments.